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High Speed High Precision Industrial Ovens

IntroductionStress Relieving + Tempering
Inline OvensElectric Hinged
Hot SettingTurbo Disk
Batch OvensTry Out

Testing Equipment

Spring Testers:2C Series
 PC Series
Universal Testing Machines:3MZ Series
 Aura Series
 Dyno Series
Torquemeters:TM Series
 TR Series
Optical Measuring:TAB Step 2

Springs and Wire Forming According to Customers' Specifications

Overview - Springs and Wire Forming
Compression Springs
Tension Springs
Torsion Springs
Flat Springs
Wire Forming


ACS wire
Aluminium wire for cables and conductors
Aluminium wire for other applications
Cable armouring wire
Cold heading wire
Grooved contact wire
High carbon wire for industrial applications
Rope wire
Spring wire, EN 10270-1, DIN 17223/1
Spring wire, oil tempered

Cold rolled steel strips

Steel strips for deep drawing
Steel strips for simple bending
Steel strips for heat treatment
Steel strips for springs
Soft steel strips
Hardened steel strips


ConductorsApplication Consulting
Hot and Black conductorsTensile Testing
Camouflage ConductorCoating of Conductors
Silent Hollow ConductorStranding of OPGW
Invar Conductors 
Gap-type Conductors 
Steel Supported Conductors 
Sheat-type Conductors 


Galvanised Steel Ropes
Stainless Steel Ropes

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