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Torquemeter TM Series

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This newly designed, numerical control torquemeter is capoble of carrying out right-hand and left-hand torsion tests including at break. It is a freestanding structure with precisian ball-type guides.

It is supplied with a computer ond touch screen with new 24-bit micracontroller. The system uses several cards to control the axes, sensor, and cells that are connected via CanBus to enable displacements to position or force at a feedback speed of 1000 Hz. Load cell reads are effected 1,000 times per second. Minimum indexing is 1/32,700 (this can be increased an request).

Ease of use

Each test is easily performed using the keys on the front panel. There is no need to access the preset programmes. Alternatively, the user can launch the programme via the touch screen, which is sensitive enough to detect finger touches through gloves - making it particularly handy for workshop environments. Up to 3 load cells can be installed, ready for use, by means of hexagon turrets. The cells can be selected directly via the software.

Ease of programming

Three modes of operation are available: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Programming is easily achieved through our straightforward, user-friendly multilingual software based on Windows XP.

Data storage and SPC management

All tests are stored to HD. SPC management is directly interfaced to Excel, so the user is free to customize certificate printouts according to their needs.


Suitable for carrying out tests on springs and elastic elements.

Suitable for carrying out breaking tests on steel or plastics, with modulus of elasticity calculation.

Data Sheet
Model TM1 TM2 TM3
Working Capacity [Nmm] 5,000 / 500 / 50 50,000 / 5,000 / 500 800,000 / 50,000 / 5,000
Minimum Indexing [Nmm] 0.15/0.015/0.0015 1.52/0.15/0.015 24.46/1.52/0.15
Other Capacities [Nmm]
100/0.003  200/0.006  1,000/0.03  2,000/0.06
Max Measurable Diameter [mm] 200
Working Side Girders [mm] 150
Revolutions infinite
Minimum Angular Indexing 0.01 °
Power Supply [V] 230 / 110