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Tensile tests / Tensile testing / Tensile test machine (0,5 - 250 kN / 80 m)

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With this tensile testing system different kinds of OPGW products (e.g. fibre optic cable, aerial cable, phase conductor, non-metallic cable), conductors or any kind of long products could be tested. Diameter range: 8 mm - 70 mm
Length of the test sample: 30 m - 80 m

The cable is stretched by a hydraulic cylinder, while tractive force, expansion and fibre loss is measured.

Forces within the range from 0,5 up to 250 kN can be applied and expansions from 0,1‰ to 100‰ can be measured.

The rate of changing the force can be controlled through the setting of the piston speed as well as directly through the changing of the force.

Various operation modes allow to perform and document the inspections and hold times prescribed by buyers of the cables. The hold time resp. holding time or time with constant load is that time, where the load is constant for a certain time. Time and load are defined in the conductor norm.