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High carbon wire for industrial applications

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Upholstery wire for Bonnell and Pocket springs, phosphated, in several grades of tensile strength
  Wire sizes: 1,20-5,00 mm
  Packaging: rings, spooless coils or formers

Wire for steel wool, bright, in rings or spooless coils
  Wire sizes: 2,50-3,25 mm

Wire for Bowden cables, according to customers' specifications, phosphated or galvanised, in Z2 or Z3 coils
  Wire sizes: 0,50-3,00 mm

Wire for links, according to customers' specifications, galvanised, in rings, Z2, Z3 or in orbit coils
  Wire sizes: 2,00-4,25 mm

Wire for shot peaning grains, phosphated, in rings, Z2 or Z3 coils
  Wire sizes: 1,00-3,00 mm

ACSR wire and strand (7 and 19 wires), final galvanised, according to DIN 48200/ 3 and 48204, ASTM B498, A363 and A475, IEC 888 and 1089, and according to other international standards
  Wire sizes: 1,60-5,90 mm
  Packaging: rings, Z2 coils or wooden drums for the wires
wooden drums for the strands