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High Speed High Precision Try Out Oven, Try Out Ovens

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16 mm CrSi. Stress relieving done in 10 min. or less.

A typical application for the Try Out Pyro is high speed stress relief of spring samples needed for the setup of the spring coiler before starting the production of the series.

The Try Out Pyro becomes a great help to reduce the machine stops of the spring coiler.

Thanks to the extremely low tolerance of ±3°C on the temperature a very precise stress relief close to the upper limit of stress relief temperature is possible on the Try Out Pyro and additional precious time can be saved that way.

The Try Out Pyro can be used independently to the fact if the series is made with a Pyro or not. But in that case the Try Out Pyro will reproduce automatically in a small batch format exactly the same temperature profile a spring will experience in a full size production PYRO.

Also for the Try Out Pyro a special Pyrograph heat transfer software has been developped which calculates the cycles, energy costs and power reserves once the spring parameters have been entered.
Technical Specifications
ModelChamber (mm)Overall Dimensions (mm)Power (kW)ToleranceImage
Pyro 6565TO650300650110080020±3°CPyro 6565TO
Also special designs according to customers' specifications

  Typical High Speed Try Out heat transfer and cooling curves:

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