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Revolver Oven

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Model Revolver 5608 - For Tempering of Half Shafts

Continuous oven - Very compact design - Extremly space saving

Process:tempering (traditional)
Capacity:120 shafts / h (6 kg each)
Operating Temperature:180 °C
Temperature uniformity:utmost precision on shafts
Cooler:at unloading unit to cool down to handling temperature
Total cycle time:2 h
Footprint:6 m²
Operation:continuous tempering, loading and unloading
Power:25 kW
Heating:electrically or gas fired
Cooler:at unloading unit to cool down to handling temperature
Speciality:very compact design - extremly space saving
loading and unloading on the same side

Also special designs according to customers' specifications.
High speed version in preparation.

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