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Standard stress relief tables recommend long time relieving at a fixed temperature to ensure that all parts in a basket reach this stress relief temperature, because the heat transfer in a loaded batch oven is function of the position of the part in the load. In fact, since 1948 we know that stress relief is not a fixed recipe of one time one temperature as Larson Miller demonstrated in his stress relief function.

Pyromaître developed the right equipment to stress relieve at high speed: 10 minutes at 400°C in a Pyro is equivalent to 25 minutes at the same temperature in a regular oven.

At the same time Pyromaître developed for products like springs and shafts a computer assisted tool called Pyrograph: you enter the characteristics of the part and the Pyro parameters. The software gives you the process report: cycle time, cost, belt occupation ratio and percentage power usage.

Here the main features that make the Pyro heat transfer machines different: