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Sheat-type Conductor/ Sheat-type Conductors

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Sheat-type Conductors

These extremely compact conductors are characterized by the complete lack of hollow space due to an high strength steel core covered by extrusion of a penetrating annealed Aluminium sheat. This allows:

Sheat-type conductors are especially suitable to replace small AAC, AAAC and ACSR conductors in short spans lengths.



Specification EXAMPLE - Other Designs According to Customers' Requirements

Sheat-type Conductor
Sheat-type Ø 8,80 mm
Diameter [mm] 8,80
Formation Steel wires No. × Ø [mm] 7 × 1,20
Al sheat No. × Thick [mm] 1 × 2,60
Section Steel wires [mm²] 7,9
Aluminium [mm²] 52,3
Total [mm²] 60,2
Mass Steel wires [kg/km] 61,9
Al sheat [kg/km] 141,4
Total [kg/km] 203,2
DC Resistance at 20°C [Ω/km] 0,5204
Rated Tensile Strength Core [kN] 14,25
Total [kN] 17,39
Modulus of Elasticity Core [GPa] 200
Total [GPa] 30
Coefficient of Linear Expansion Core [10-6/°C] 11,5
Total [10-6/°C] ~11,5
Ampacity (150 °C) * [A] 343
* Ambient temperature 30°C: Wind speed 0,55m/s – Emissivity ε=0,5 – Absorptivity α=0,5 – Intensity of solar radiation 1000W/m²