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High Speed Stress Relief Oven, Tempering Oven, Annealing Oven, In Line Oven, Inline Oven, Continuous Oven

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ModelsChamber (mm)OOverall Dimensions (mm)Capacity (kg/h)PowerFoot-
Pyro 126E3051780155760284583013001785340250205482.2--
Pyro 128E3052440155760350583013001785545420340642.6Pyro 128E
Pyro 1611E4053455155865452083013001785730570455903.9Pyro 1611EM
Pyro 1615E405457015586556408301300178511859107301204.8Pyro 1615E
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Also special designs according to customers' specifications


Precise control of temperature:

The ovens include top-of-the-line temperature controllers; very fast power switching through SSR devices for electric models (E models and HE models) or fast modulating motors for the gas-fired models (G models). The objective is to maintain set-point accuracy within a few degrees under varying loading conditions.

Precise control of time:

The Pyro comes (equipped as standard for E series and G series, optional on the HE series) with a digital closed-loop speed controller. Calibrated in inches of belt travel per minute, the closed loop acts like a cruise control on a car does. With a simple potentiometric controller, it maintains accurate cycle time regardless of the variations introduced by friction load and voltage. This is a very important feature since, on a 4 minute trip; a few seconds make a difference. This system is accurate to within 0.4 seconds on 4 minutes cycle time.

Heat transfer uniformity:

A high-precision oven needs to be uniform. Not only temperature-wise but also heat-transfer wise. Pyro uses convection as the primary source of heat transfer. The turbines, their number and position, the shape of the chambers and the conveyor are all designed to maximize the air velocity to the part in a uniform manner and all along the part path. This is what is meant by "heat-transfer uniformity."

Sufficient reserve power:

For quick recovery at start-up of a load.

Floor space saving:

Ovens can be as small as 10% the size of regular ovens. Because of the reduced size, they are also more energy-efficient.

High capacity:

Our top machines can process 16mm CrSi wire in 6 minutes total cycle at rates of 9,000 kg/hr.

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